General Athletics
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New Athlete Parent Meeting 2015-2016 New Athletic Parent Meeting
Grade Reporting Schedule Grade Reporting Schedule
EGUSD Athletic Clearance Forms including physical EGUSD website
EGUSD Student Athlete and Parent Handbook 2014.07EGUSDStudent-AthleteParentHndbk14-15
EGUSD Voluntary Athletic Contribution
MTHS Family Pass Ticket Order Form and Price List 2013.08familyPassflyer
Secondary Coaches Handbook 2014.07EGUSDHSCoachesHndbk14-15
Student Accident Form download/print form
MTHS VAC Philosophy

Sport Specific
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Basketball (Women's) Program Handbook download/print form
Cheer Program Handbook download/print form
Cross Country Program Handbook download/print form
Women's Tennis Program Handbook