FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the purpose of having a booster club?
A booster club is an organization of parents, teachers, administrators, businesses and coaches specifically established as a business that supports a school program. Booster clubs are essentially small businesses and function to solely to raise money and support the efforts of that group. Booster clubs are all started and maintained by each program and new parents are needed each year to maintain the efforts of these programs. If you are not involved, we need you!

Is there a cost to play sports at MTHS?
There is no cost to play/participate in the Athletics program at MTHS. All costs such as “Spirit Packs” are unique to each team and consist of clothing & equipment that the student-athlete keeps once the season is over. Each program determines their specific “Spirit Pack” and fundraising goals before the season begins. Game Uniforms & Equipment are usually “rented” by each student-athlete for the season. Each program will outline what is to be returned (in good condition) or the student-athlete will be fined and put on the No-Activity list that applies to all activities, including graduation ceremony, at MTHS. [top]

What is the Voluntary Athletic Contribution proposed by our school district?
The EGUSD has long been known for its excellent athletic programs. The district is proud of this reputation and recognizes that athletics support students’ physical, social, and academic development. Unfortunately, due to the financial crisis in the State of California and the reduction of funding for public education, the district has been forced to cut over $60 million from its 2010-11 budget… (see EGUSD site for more info) *MTHS Philosophy* [top]

What Off-Season procedures and programs do I need to know about?
MTHS uses outside organizations during the off-season. This fulfills the CIF & CIFSJS bylaws that state an outside organization must be used during the off-season of each sport. This also fulfills the liability requirement in case an accident was to occur. There is usually a cost and separate form that apply to these off-season programs because of these circumstances. There is no limit to Strength Training & Conditioning. The outside organization allows “use of the ball” and the teams to work on specific drills & skills. [top]

How can I keep up to date with schedule changes, rainouts, and cancellations?
The Monterey Trail Athletic Calendar is the most current and up to date place to keep track of scheduling changes. Rainouts are called at 12:30pm on the day of the game. All games are assumed on until officially postponed or cancelled. Re-scheduling typically occurs within a few days of the cancellation. Tournament updates are posted as soon as determined, sometimes uncertain all the way up to game time. [top]

What are the MTHS transportation policies and procedures?
Buses or vans are provided for MTHS athletic teams Monday through Friday on a limited basis due to EGUSD budget concerns. Many trips are designated “Drop Only” which is a one-way trip to the event. Athletes are responsible for thier own way home. Please see game schedule and/or contact coach for specific trip details. Saturday events are “on your own” (unless indicated otherwise). “On Your Own” is defined as each team member to arrive at the specific location, at a specific time without any coordination done from MTHS Athletic staff. Any pre-arranged transportation by the MTHS Athletic Staff must have all drivers fingerprinted by EGUSD and/or MTHS field trip consent paperwork completed. In the event of an emergency the MTHS Athletic Staff can only release student-athletes to their emergency card designees. Transportation liability forms are included within the Athletic Clearance Packet for all parents to sign. Student drivers must fill a form out as well if applicable. (also see EGUSD Athletic Handbook) [top]

What is the “Mustang Stampede” Fundraiser?
Each season The MTHS Athletic Department conducts a fundraiser that challenges each student-athlete to network themselves in the business community. Each Student-athlete’s goal is to reach out to people that they, or their families, know who have the ability to make tax-deductible donations in behalf of them and their sport. This fundraiser is not meant to solicit donations from immediate family, neighbors, and friends, unless they own businesses, work for corporations or otherwise have the ability to make tax-deductible donations. The proceeds raised go directly to the each student-athlete’s sport (or is split among their multiple sports). Thank you notices with the tax-id # are sent in behalf of the student-athletes and MTHS that can be used as a tax document. [top]

Is there a Physical Education class that is specifically for athletes?
Athletic PE is offered for the sports that their coach is a PE teacher. Currently that is Football (All terms), Women’s & Men’s Volleyball (Term 1 & 3), Basketball (Term 2 & 4 *not for PE credit), Men’s Soccer (Term 1) and Baseball & Softball (Terms 3 & 4). This class is meant for all Varsity level student-athletes and JV student-athletes that can fit it in their schedule. 9th graders are to take Core PE except for certain circumstances where approval is granted. Weight Training PE is offered throughout the day and all other athletes, as well as prospective athletes, are encouraged to register. (Click for more information) [top]

Does MTHS have junior programs, camps or clinics for younger athletes?
The MTHS Athletic Department supports many junior programs and camps that have direct ties to our coaches and our program as a whole. Here are a few:
Montery Trail Jr. Mustangs Football and Cheer
Team Trail Basketball – Men’s AAU Basketball
• Team Blaze – Women’s AAU
• Mustang Wrestling Club – USA Wrestling

Does MTHS sell spirit wear to the general public? If so, where? 
MTHS Spiritwear is available for purchase during the lunch periods at the student store as well as online through the student web store. Spiritwear is often for sale at home sporting events. Each sport program also provides opportunities for fans to purchase spiritwear, contact specific Head Varsity Coaches for more information. [top]

How can I be considered for NCAA Recruitment?
All Athletes considering competing at the collegiate level should follow the MTHS procedure (see form) for assistance with the recruitment process. Students and Parents can visit the NCAA Eligibility Center for complete details on the NCAA process. Students and parents should also consult the NCAA for more information.
• Read more here – ESPN’s 1000 word guide to recruitment
• NHFS with NCAA offers an online course regarding NCAA eligibility (read more)
Private recruiting services can also be used but sometimes have a cost attached. http://www.ncsasports.org has aligned itself with MTHS and is a possibility for assistance through the recruitment process. [top]

What are the guidelines and rules for NCAA recruitment?

Coaches can:
(during a student’s 9th and 10th grade year)
• send you athletic camp brochures, NCAA Educational Info. and questionnaires.
• accept phone calls from you as long as they are at your expense.

Coaches cannot
• send you any written recruiting information.
• allowed to return your phone calls or email messages.

(during a student’s 11th grade year)
Coaches can:
• send you information about their athletic program and their
• answer your calls and emails as well as send you unsolicited
• contact you in person off the college campus. (after July 1st of your Junior year)
• call you or your parents once each week. (You can contact them as often as you like.)

(during a student’s 12th Grade year)
Coaches can:
• Athletes can make up to 5 “official” (expense paid) visits to college campuses. (Cannot be longer than 48 hours and college coaches need to have an official ACT or SAT score and a copy of your official high school transcript.)
• Coaches can continue calls and emails once a week to you or your parents. (You can contact them as often as you like.)
A coach can sit down with your parent at a competition site. (This is counted as one of the three in-person off-campus recruiting contacts a coach is permitted. Do not take it personally if a coach does not do more than greet you because of these rules.)