Athletics Program


MTHS student/athletes have never met a challenge they could not conquer.  They have proved that from our inception in the fall of 2004 and continue to prove it on a daily basis.  The competitive foundation has been set with the mind set that we can always get better each day.  The commitment displayed at practices, team meetings, video, strength & conditioning and games is the proving ground for our student-athletes.  The “Find a Way “attitude has become contagious for our MTHS student-athletes.

Academic Success

THS Student-Athletes have consistently performed at high level academically averaging GPAs above 3.0 every season since our inception in the fall of 2004.  MTHS student-athletes are held accountable by their peers, coaches and most importantly their own pride.  MTHS student-athletes take advantage of their resources such as school loop and open time in the PE/Athletic classroom.  They develop time management skills that allow them to be successful in the classroom playing arenas and other aspects of their lives. *Check School Loop Here•

High Character Individuals

MTHS Student-Athletes have established themselves as peer leaders on the MTHS Campus as well as in the MTHS community since our inception in fall 2004. They serve as role models to middle and elementary school age children and are respectful young men and women to their elders. They display integrity and dignity in times of adversity, and humility and class in times of success.